Weird functionality leads to Account Takeover (Millions of Users affected)

Hey Everyone,


Recently, I discovered an Authentication Bypass that can lead to a complete Account Takeover. This write-up will explain how I figured & exploited that issue. So Let’s get started.


Phase 1 (Figured Vulnerability):


While testing on Android App, I created an account with <redacted> & after account creation, I logged into my account & a pricing page popped up in which all the features are described. So to get full feature access. I have to pay for it. (Account was too Expensive)


I follow the same steps for account creation on their web portal. But, after filling in all the details, I landed on a pricing page that’s weird for me. But in the android app, I was able to create an account without paying. But on the Web portal. I have to pay first to create an account.


Ah, The functionality is too weird for me. Because in the android app (I can create an account & then the pricing page pops up).

But in a web application, things are a little weird (the pricing page pops up after filling in all the details)

Phase 2 (Exploiting Vulnerability):

Let’s try to exploit this weird functionality. So, I try again to create an account on the web portal with the same email address that I used in the android app. But with the different details Like (First Name, Last Name & Password). Later, I noticed that the same details reflect in an android app.

So, these are few cases that I used to exploit this vulnerability:

Case 1: (web portal)

First, I tried to create an account on a web portal with the same email address that I used in an android app for account creation but with a different First Name & Last Name.

Result 1: (android app)

The following details that I used in the web portal are reflected in my android app. (An unauthorized actor can change the first name & last name).

Changing First Name & Last Name

After that, I go for a password change or set up a new password.

Case 2: (web portal)

Then, I again create an account on the web portal with the same email address but with a different password.

Result 2: (android app)

I found logged out from my account & when I use the same password that I used in the web portal. So, that password worked & logged in to my account in the android app. (A proper Unauthorized actor can takeover any account).

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open your android app & signup.
  2. After account creation. (skip the price section)
  3. Now, go to the web portal “".
  4. Fill in the same email address but with different details (First Name, Last Name & Password).
  5. Click on the Next button & after that pricing page popped up. (skip that section too)
  6. Now, Go to Android App & Enter the victim’s email & use that password that you fill on the web portal during account creation.
  7. You noticed that the Victim’s Account Compromised.



Oct 20, 2020 — Reported to a private program
Oct 20, 2020 — Report Triaged
Oct 22, 2020 — Vulnerability Fixed
Oct 28, 2020 — Bounty of $4000 USD awarded

Special thanks to sechunt3r ( Bad Bro 🤑 )




Bug Hunter | Programmer

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Sahil Mehra

Sahil Mehra

Bug Hunter | Programmer

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